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Differentiating Your Beef Just Got Easier

More than ever, consumers demand to know more about the beef they buy. It’s an important question, and thanks to the Progressive Beef + Tyson Fresh Meats program, one you can confidently answer. This added assurance in cattle care, food safety and sustainability creates a comfort for your customers that will grow your sales and differentiate you from your competition.

The Progressive Beef Pillars

Cattle Care

Food Safety


…this program is bigger than that…

Satisfied customers and a strong bottom line are crucial — but this program is bigger than that. It’s about accelerating the entire beef industry toward embracing proven practices so that all consumers know the beef they buy is from cattle that were well cared for, in a safe and sustainable environment and verified through USDA approved auditors.

3-Step Plan for Increased Sales

  • 1. Get in Touch
  • 2. Learn the Program Benefits
  • 3. Sell More Beef
  • Differentiate Yourself
  • Be Known for Caring
  • Sell More Beef