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We prioritize getting ahead of industry demands. In addition to driving variety, efficiency and value, our commitment to innovative programs, processes and products helps our customers stay connected with their consumers.

From case ready packaging to portion cutting, the Tyson Fresh Meats Team offers solutions for the challenges your business faces today and tomorrow.


case ready packaging beef
case ready and portion cut ground pork

CASE READY: Quality Products, Quality Package

In a climate where available skilled labor, food safety regulations and consumer demands are constantly evolving, packaging solutions need to evolve as well.

All our products address key challenges, like:

Minimized product

  • Increases food safety

No in-house

  • Reduces waste and backroom labor costs
  • Allows employees to spend more time with shoppers

shelf life

  • Reduces shrink and out of stocks
  • Increases assortment and sales
Overwrap Low Oxygen Mother Bag Technology

  • Appeals to consumers’ desire for overwrap packaging, while maintaining shelf life
  • Airtight mother bag seal for optimal bone and meat color
Overwrap low oxygen motherbag technology
Vacuum Packaging Optimization
Vacuum Packaging Optimization

  • Ultimate freshness and maximized shelf life to reduce shrink
  • Portioned and packaged to cook right away or easily freeze for later use
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

  • Airtight seal for optimal appearance and vibrant red color
  • Extended shelf life for consistent, dependable flavor
Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
Ground Beef Packaging
Open Prairie Brick Pack
Brick Pack

  • Leakproof and freezer-ready for no mess and added shopper convenience
  • Portioned in fixed weight packages to be recipe friendly
  • Compact design for easy stocking
Chub Packaging
Chub Packaging

  • Leakproof and freezer-ready for no mess and added shopper convenience
  • Multiple size and leanness options for meat case versatility and shopper appeal
  • Case ready packaged ground beef to reduce out of stocks
Overwrap motherbag packaging
Overwrap Mother Bag Packaging

  • Extended shelf life reduces shrink and out of stocks
  • Airtight mother bag seal for fresh, ready to stock product that appeals to shoppers
  • Eliminates oxidation for optimal bloom and color

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Flat 6mm with roast
Fresh bratwurst on a cutting board
Corned beef

Products for Any Challenge

We offer an array of specialty beef, pork and chicken proteins meant to add variety, flavor and authenticity to your meat case.


  • Fresh or frozen product for merchandising versatility
  • 28-day shelf life to reduce waste
  • Federally inspected raw material and finished product to ensure product confidence and consistent quality
Case Ready Variety Meats Oxtail


  • Three variety options available to satisfy shopper demand: eye of round, point cut brisket and classic flat cuts
  • Available in a low sodium option so consumers don’t have to compromise dietary preferences for quality
  • USDA Choice beef, quality consumers can count on every time
  • 20% or 35% solution products for unforgettable traditional flavor
reuben corned beef


  • Variety of cut specifications offered for consistent, quality product
  • Precut and packaged for easy transport, increased shelf life and limited yield loss
  • Individually packed offerings for added convenience
  • Less knife work reduces waste and prep time so foodservice operators can spend more time cooking
Sliced diced and cubed proteins


  • Scientifically formulated flavor blends combined with quality protein provide consumers with a convenient and consistently flavorful seasoned meat eating experience
  • Multiple flavor formulations available to ensure ample variety for consumers and shopper preference
  • Enhanced product tenderness to increase preparation ease and provide a better eating experience for consumers
Tyson natural flavoring

Portion Cut Products

By creating efficiencies in cutting, fabrication and portion control, we help streamline processes for foodservice and retail operations, creating high-value products and keeping costs consistent.

Master butchers at our Portion Cutting facilities ensure every protein is hand-trimmed to the quality their experience and expertise can deliver.

We deliver precise portions for back of house efficiencies like:

  • Faster prep
  • Reduced waste
  • Streamlined labor
  • Consistent plate coverage
  • Predictable serving costs
Portioned cutting capabilities

Our Portion Cutting capabilities include:

  • Automated steak portioning machines for uniform cuts
  • High volume vacuum packaging machines delivering airtight seals for freshness
  • Individual roll stock packaging providing case ready solutions
  • High speed band saws for bone-in portioned products
  • Individual steak marinade injection for juicy, flavorful offerings
  • Vacuum tumble marinade for delicious products

Destination: Solutions

Our geographic structure, global distribution network and state-of-the-art logistical scheduling system give us the ability to serve large and small customers with the same level of service and consistency wherever they may be.

CHICAGO, IL Portion Cutting COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA Case Ready, Meal Kits, Ground Pork EMPORIA, KS Slicing, Dicing, Seasoned & Marinated, Ground Beef EAGLE MOUNTAIN, UT Case Ready Coming Fall, 2021 GOODLETTSVILLE, TN Case Ready, Ground Beef JACKSONVILLE, FL Portion Cutting SHERMAN, TX Case Ready
Case Ready
Slicing, Dicing, Seasoned & Marinated, Ground Beef
Case Ready Coming Fall, 2021
Case Ready, Meal Kits, Ground Pork
Portion Cutting
Case Ready, Ground Beef
Portion Cutting

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