A Tradition of Excellence

For nearly 60 years, ibp Trusted Excellence® beef and pork have been a mainstay of the meat industry and a favorite of retail and foodservice customers.

In 1967, ibp Trusted Excellence revolutionized the industry by introducing boxed beef, vacuum packed and in smaller pieces, as a new option for its customers. This innovation paid instant dividends in the form of reduced energy and transportation costs by eliminating the storage and shipment of fat, bones and trimmings.

Committed to

Quality & Service

Our team members - 41,000 strong and counting - carry on the legacy of the ibp Trusted Excellence brand and its leading reputation, driven by an unyielding commitment to offering high-quality products that consistently exceed customer expectations. We take pride in the sense of confidence that's instilled by the quality and consistency that goes into every shipment of our trusted and recognizable box.

pork chop

Food Safety & Quality Go Hand-in-Hand

The continued success and growth of the ibp Trusted Excellence brand starts well before a single piece of meat gets boxed. It's born from a commitment to safety.

For us, food safety is all about protecting consumers. Regulations, processes and programs aside, our food safety efforts are driven by one simple goal: Offering wholesome and healthy meat products for families.

Safe Food Operations:

  • Federal inspection of all food production plants
  • Participation in U.S. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) program
  • Comprehensive systems to protect against microbial contamination
  • Handheld devices used to enter all critical food safety and food quality data
  • Steadfast commitment to proper cold chain management throughout the entire process

Food Defense Systems:

  • Food defense plans have been implemented at each of our food plants
  • Security measures limit access to the facility
  • Other measures ensure the security of all stored products
  • Our team members are trained to maintain and protect the integrity of the supply chain

A Wide Variety of Innovative Products

The ibp Trusted Excellence brand meets customer's needs by offering a full lineup of high-quality products with consistent size, tight trim specifications and reliable yields. That's the result of a commitment nearly 60 years in the making, defining and redefining the industry standard for quality beef and pork products.

Whether it's using the latest technology and methods to test and safeguard our food, or performing research and development that provides insights keeping us in front of emerging food trends, the team of professionals supporting the ibp Trusted Excellence brand is dedicated to the consumers, retailers and restaurants that depend on our products.

Go With the Trusted Source

Put the quality and consistency of the industry leader to work for you. Reach out to the Experts at Tyson Fresh Meats today and learn how the ibp Trusted Excellence brand can begin paying dividends for your business.