Star Ranch Angus meat case with beef product Star Ranch Angus meat case with beef product

From Lifeline to Bottom Line: Retail Success Starts With Star Ranch Angus® Beef

As a retailer, you already know competition is stiff. In an oversaturated market with endless choices, it’s difficult to be different. So how do you stand out – what makes shoppers choose your store? Chances are, it’s the meat… and chances are good it can perform even better. In fact, according to the 2019 Power of Meat Study, fresh products (especially meat) are what draw consumers to your stores.

2019 Power of Meat Study, 210 Analytics, FMI.

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“I run the #1 independent meat department in Virginia and Star Ranch Angus beef is the best.”

- Michael Painter, White Stone, Va. 

“We use Star Ranch Angus beef at Pearl’s BBQ in Los Angeles CA. It’s great!”

- Dana Blanchard, Los Angeles, Calif.

Satisfaction Guaranteed White Paper

Satisfaction Guarantee Star Ranch Angus

We take satisfaction seriously. Annually, we set out to learn what consumers expect from fresh beef products and how Star Ranch Angus beef delivers.

In October of 2017, we conducted a blind taste test among consumers in the metro Cincinnati area who shop stores that sell Star Ranch Angus beef and consumers who shop stores that don’t.

If you’re in the business of retail results, you’re going to want to read this.

Benefits Beyond the Meat Case

  • Beef in the cart means profit for the whole store. In fact, baskets with beef nearly double the average trip ring.

  • Carts with beef produce 44% more sales across the store than carts with chicken.

Market Basket Study, IRI Panel Data ending 1/6/19, February 2019.

The Boost of a Brand

  • Familiarity, perception of quality, value and consistency are just a few of the reasons more shoppers are reaching for branded beef.

  • The percentage of consumers preferring supplier brands has almost doubled since 2007, while private label brand preference has seen just a 7% increase over the last decade.

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The people behind the Star Ranch Angus brand are a dynamic team focused on big results. We pride ourselves on being out in the field, forming real relationships and trust with our partners. We can't wait to get to work growing your success.