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The Open Prairie® Natural* Meats difference

Meeting customers’ desire for Never Ever, wholesome products means delivering quality fresh pork and Angus beef that is simple and uncomplicated.

Never Ever specifications

The Open Prairie Natural Meats brand offers shoppers “back to basics” pork and Angus beef that are strictly held to the following criteria:

•    No antibiotics - ever
•    No added hormones or growth promotants
•    100% vegetarian diet; no animal byproducts,

     except for milk  

•    Animal well-being standards implemented
•    Traceable  to the animal's place of birth

     through the Trusted Path TM Program
•    Third-party verified

beef and pork banner image

Natural meats program by the numbers

You may ask, “How does a branded natural beef or pork program benefit my bottom line?” Studies show branded programs are now more critical to generating successful meat sales than ever.

A recent study shows a higher and faster growing preference of supplier brands over private label brands. Thirty percent of consumers prefer supplier brands vs. 20% preferring private label brands.

The percentage of consumers preferring supplier brands has almost doubled since 2007, while private label brand preference has seen just a 7% increase over the last decade.1

1 The Power of Meat ©2018

Our Never Ever pork & beef offerings

Meet your shoppers growing demand for uncomplicated quality meat with tender, delicious Never Ever Open Prairie Natural Meats. Raised with nothing added, your customers get exactly what they’re looking for — fresh, flavorful pork and Angus beef. Partnering with the Tyson Fresh Meats Team offers you a dedicated sales and support team to assist with order execution and forecasting.


Our product line includes:

•    Whole muscle pork and beef
•    Ground beef 
•    Case ready offerings


Advantages of case ready offerings:

•    Improved shelf life, which helps reduce 

     shrink and out of stocks

•    Fixed weight, which streamlines your

     offerings and help  reduce backroom labor


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It’s natural to have questions — contact us.

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.