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For more than 55 years the Reuben Corned Beef brand has been the name trusted by retailers nationwide for quality beef brisket. With the Reuben Corned Beef brand, you can eliminate unavailability risks by pre-booking your springtime corned beef needs directly from the source for beef excellence.

Sales That’ll Have You Seeing Green

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Build customer trust and repeat sales with a consistent product available as either points, eye of round, Angus beef flats or first cut flats in 20% and 35% solution varieties. All Reuben Corned Beef products are always:

  • Made from USDA graded beef
  • Catch weight
  • Spice packet included
  • Hand-selected briskets from the brand trusted nationwide
  • Federally inspected raw material and finished product
  • Beef from GFSI-certified plants
  • Consistent quality, guaranteed
  • Gluten Free
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Name-Brand Quality for the Holidays to the Everyday

Reuben Corned Beef has long been the MVP of St. Patrick’s Day sales every year, but its value for retailers reaches beyond the holidays.

As chefs look to the past for inspiration and turn to cured and pickled foods, corned beef is making a comeback as a unique mealtime experience in the consumer consciousness. Due to the rise in popularity, corned beef has seen continuous yearly growth for the month of March with an increase of 13% from 2015-2017.1

The increased merchandising options for Reuben Corned Beef provide an excellent opportunity to promote a trending, value added product to your shoppers.
1 Nielsen 4-week data ending: March 28, 2015; March 26, 2016; March 25, 2017.

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Ordering’s Always Easy

When you order Reuben Corned Beef you’ll experience the efficiencies of the Tyson Fresh Meats Team’s world-class distribution system.

Provide your customers with a time-tested brand that always delivers by making Reuben Corned Beef an everyday SKU in your value added section with product and price point flexibility.


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