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Case Ready Variety Meats are the Ultimate Win-Win

Bring new sales opportunities to your fresh meat case with Case Ready Variety Meats from Tyson Fresh Meats.

Offering quality products, convenient packaging and superior value, our Case Ready items let you take advantage of specialty cut meats that enhance your product offerings and generate incremental volume.

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Diverse shoppers are looking for diverse products

Chile pepper and chile powder
Your customer base is continually expanding; your product line should expand with them. Case Ready Variety Meats present a key opportunity to increase sales.
A third of the nation’s shoppers are African-American, Hispanic or Asian — and that number is growing. The mix of shoppers is becoming more diverse and their buying power is increasing.
Breakdown of consumers by race
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Ready to Stock
Ready to Sell

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Your shoppers are assured freshness from our clear, vacuum-sealed packages which require no repackaging or special handling – simply weigh, price and stock, it’s that easy. Order only the items you want, selecting the product mix that’s right for you. Apply your store logo, branding the product as your own to add greater value to your meat case.
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Longer Shelf Life

Case Pack Beef Tongue
Case Ready Variety Beef cuts
Case Ready Beef variety cut feet
Case Ready Variety Beef Cheek
Case Ready Beef Tripe
Case Ready Beef Oxtail
Case Ready Beef Variety Pack Tripe
Case Ready Beef Variety Honeycomb tripe
Case Ready Variety Pack Beef Tongue
Case Ready Variety Pack Sweetbread
Case Ready Variety Pack Sliced Beef Heart
Case Ready Variety Pack Beef Heart

shelf Life

Variety is as important to you as it is to your shoppers.

That’s why this versatile product line is available either fresh or frozen. Frozen products offer the added benefit of thaw and sell for better inventory control.

The longer 28-day shelf life means less shrink and less waste.

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Improve Your
Bottom Line

Capture more sales from the growing ethnic foods market with these ready-to-sell, quality products that generate incremental volume. The ultra-easy Case Ready Variety Meats option lets you build loyalty and drive sales by carrying the products your consumers want.

Get Your Meat Case Ready

Make the move toward more variety and more sales. Contact the Experts at Tyson Fresh Meats to get started today.

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