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The Beef & Pork Experts™ can help take your foodservice operation to the next level.

Foodservice professionals face a unique level of pressure to successfully run their business. Whether it's help with restaurant marketing, menu development, distribution or staying ahead of industry trends, you need specific expertise.

You'll find that expertise from the Tyson Fresh Meats Foodservice Team.

Beef and Pork Experts by Tyson
Beef and Pork Experts Beef Ribs brand by Tyson

We have nearly 60 years providing innovative foodservice solutions to thriving businesses like yours.

Our foodservice customers trust their business success to our consistent products, smart brands and unmatched service. All backed by a comprehensive support network.

Where there’s smoke,
there’s BARBECUE

The haze of smoke, the smell of hickory, the sound of crackling fire…

bbq masters

Around our pit, you’ll find world-class meat and the Barbecue Masters – a team of ambassadors showcasing our products during competitions, on social media, and creating inspiring menu concepts and more.

Barbecue’s popularity is on the rise – on menus, within the competition circuit and in backyards across the country. And Tyson Fresh Meats is the only national supplier with pitmaster-approved pork, beef and chicken all in one place.

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An all-star lineup

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When it comes to variety, Tyson Fresh Meats has your every foodservice need covered. Offering Prime and Premium tiers, a natural meats option, delicious Angus flavor and more. We have it all. Our brand roster includes the upper echelon tenderness of Chairman’s Reserve® Meats, the reliability of industry leader ibp Trusted Excellence® beef and pork, the Never Ever Open Prairie® Natural* Meats and the consistency of Star Ranch Angus® beef. The Tyson Fresh Meats Team’s diverse brand solutions offer your customers a varied menu designed to meet the ever-changing demands of this competitive market.

Exceptional Proteins for Exceptional Chefs

The Chairman’s Reserve® Meats team provides high-end restaurants around the globe with two tiers of beef and pork products: Premium and Prime.

Hand-selected for optimal marbling and consistency, our exceptional offerings meet your customers' high expectations.

Highlights of Premium Meats include:

  • An exceptional dining experience
  • The savory taste they love
  • The popular cuts your customers demand
  • An industry leader in service and support

Highlights of Prime Beef include:

  • Uncompromising standards with tender, juicy and flavorful cuts
  • USDA Prime quality grade and Grade A maturity
  • Our highest degree of marbling, color, texture and firmness
  • Marbling score of “slightly abundant” and “moderately abundant"

Highlights of Prime Pork include:

  • Our highest quality pork available, qualified for the Master Chefs' Institute Seal of Excellence
  • Optimal marbling, color and pH which enables the most tender, juicy and flavorful pork
  • Hand-selected and hand-trimmed
  • 25% more tender than all other leading brands of pork without added solution

Backed by industry-leading service, the Tyson Fresh Meats Foodservice Team offers sales support to consistently deliver superior quality products to foodservice accounts.

In addition to our superior quality meats, we offer:

  • Menu optimization support
  • Marketing tools
  • Field Sales Consultants who get you what you need

Your Trusted Source for Foodservice

For nearly 60 years, we’ve provided expert service and quality beef and pork to customers the world over. Driven by an unyielding commitment to offering quality products that exceed expectations, we take pride in every shipment of our signature box.

It is what has made the ibp Trusted Excellence® brand a mainstay of foodservice customers, and critical for purveyors to provide them with portion cut beef and pork.

The Tyson Fresh Meats Foodservice Team also provides you:

  • Ability to meet customers' unique needs with specialty cuts, frenched options, different break points and statement making cuts
  • On-time and accurate delivery of our iconic brown and green box
  • A commitment to superior customer service

Foodservice from Prairie to Plate

When you serve Open Prairie® Natural* Meats to your restaurant patrons, it carries with it a promise to deliver the best Never Ever pork and Angus beef, from prairie to plate. Open Prairie Natural Meats has no antibiotics, added hormones or growth promotants**. Ever.

Additionally, expert backing from the Tyson Fresh Meats Foodservice Team provides the support you need to build natural protein sales including:

  • Dedicated Field Sales Consultants who understand your specific needs
  • Insightful support to help optimize your menu offering
  • Customized marketing support for menu branding
  • Print and digital foodservice assets, researched and refined for maximum impact

Your Center-of-the-Plate Program Starts Here

Star Ranch Angus® beef keeps your restaurant patrons coming back for more of the delicious Angus beef flavor they love. Star Ranch Angus beef has a quality product, backed with comprehensive support from Tyson Fresh Meats Foodservice

To help boost your bottom line, our team provides:

  • Tailored foodservice strategies for your sales needs
  • Dedicated Field Sales Consultants who understand your needs
  • Digital programs to drive consumer brand awareness
  • Insightful support to help optimize your menu protein mix
Beef and Pork Experts brand by Tyson