Higher standards in marbling, maturity and muscle texture ensure an elevated eating experience.

Difference gets you noticed. Quality gets you sales.

The appeal of Chairman’s Reserve® Premium Pork is evident: 100% all natural*, hand-selected pork products that adhere to strict premium quality standards, backed by the game-changing knowledge and expertise of the Tyson Fresh Meats Team. Our pork represents the superior quality your customers demand. In 2018, pork consumption is predicted to continue its growth trend, up almost 11% from 2014 to fifty-one point one lbs. per capita**. Through research and testing, we've developed stringent grading criteria to ensure that Premium cuts are tender and juicy every time.

Chairman's Reserve Premium Pork is always:

  • Compliant with all USDA standards for natural products
  • pH-selected for natural moisture-holding capacity
  • Color-graded to reduce variation
  • Hand-selected to ensure consistent marbling, firmness, texture and size
  • 100% natural premium pork
  • Tender, juicy and flavorful pork – with nothing added
  • No unpleasant salty or metallic flavor

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Plate Shot

A Superior Level of Support.

All Chairman’s Reserve Premium Pork products are backed by the Tyson Fresh Meats Team, who work together every day with a passion for delivering superior sales support and product excellence. Partner with The Experts at Tyson Fresh Meats to benefit from:

  • On-time product delivery and unmatched customer service focused on your needs
  • Engaging point-of-sale materials (digital and in-store) and customer-specific marketing support
  • Product support and training
  • Category management and consumer insights
  • Industry-leading safety standards

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Discover a Premium Partnership.

Make the call and partner with a winning Premium pork program. The Experts at Tyson Fresh Meats are ready to answer.