Higher standards in marbling, maturity and muscle texture ensure an elevated eating experience.

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The standards are simple — it’s the best or nothing. It’s why less than 25% of all USDA Choice beef meet the selection criteria of Chairman’s Reserve® Certified Premium Beef. And when the best is backed by second-to-none customer service, it’s no wonder we are the beef program trusted by retail and foodservice operations nationwide.

Today, we’re proud to take the first step toward strengthening your business’ returns.

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What Sets Us Apart

Selecting Chairman's Reserve Certified Premium Beef starts with identifying three primary characteristics: marbling, maturity and muscle texture. This ensures the highest level of tender, juicy flavor possible. Our strict certification process guarantees that only beef meeting these standards is called "reserve."

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  • Modest00 (or higher) marbling
  • Medium or fine marbling texture
  • Grade A maturity
  • Moderately thick (or better) muscling
  • Neck hump not to exceed 2"

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Top Shelf Support

With a commitment to deliver the best possible product to retailers comes a mission to make sure shoppers know about Chairman's Reserve Certified Premium Beef and where to find it.

Through our robust consumer-facing website, strategic online marketing efforts and retail point-of-sale materials, we’re meeting your customers online and in-store to spark their interest… and keep them coming back for more.

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Quality and Quantity, Always Without Question

When you choose Chairman's Reserve Certified Premium Beef, you can be confident that the quality and quantity you need will always be available to meet your demands.

All products are trimmed to industry-leading, user-friendly specifications. Our beef is certified by the USDA to meet our stringent specifications for quality and consistency, and offered in regular or small-sized package options to better suit your needs.

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