Meeting your customer’s expectations is a continually evolving, constantly moving target. Today’s successful retailers know that customers are looking for more than just fresh beef and pork products; they’re also looking
for value added products. Pre-seasoned products, marinated meats and heat and serve items are just a few of the ways Tyson Fresh Meats continues to develop more value added options to help you round out your meat case and build sales.



Crafted Creations™

Tyson® Crafted Creations

Crafted Creations products are designed to fit any palate, on any budget. With a diverse
lineup of exciting flavors and cuts currently missing from the meat case, Tyson offers
pre-seasoned, pre-marinated beef and pork, paired expertly to make a mealtime experience customers come back to.

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Reuben Corned Beef

Reuben® Corned Beef

Our Reuben product program provides you with options to fit your corned beef needs.          

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CRVM beef tongue

Case Ready Variety Meats

Tyson Case Ready Variety Meats bring you offals ready to go: no repackaging or added
handling required.         

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Variety Meats

Designed for flexibility and maximum return on sales, our extensive product line provides you quality that meets consumer demand.         

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