Retail Label Program

The following Tyson Fresh Meats labels are available for order from the York Label Corporation:

  • Chairman's Reserve® Beef and Pork
  • Supreme Tender® Pork products
  • Star Ranch Angus® Beef
  • Open Prairie Natural Angus® Beef
  • Ground beef products



Label Order Requirements:

  • Customer has to have an ID #.
  • You can obtain your ID # from the Customer Resource Center at 800-416-2269 ext. 2717.
  • The ID # has to be authorized by the FSC for the area in which the customer is located.
  • Once your ID # is assigned, declare what they are authorized to order from the
    Label List the FSC has provided the Customer Resource Center (Denise Simon).
  • Out of the list of labels Tyson Fresh Meats offers, five of them are licensed brands and will require legal agreements.
  • Once you are authorized to order labels and have an ID #, there are two options to place an order:
    • By fax 1-888-427-8266
    • By phone 1-877-427-2333
  • Contact Denise Simon at the Customer Resource Center at 800-416-2269 ext. 2717 for additional information.
  • Quantities can only be ordered by the case.
    • One case has 16 rolls.
    • 500 labels to a roll.
    • 8000 labels per case.
    • Exception is the Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef Labels = 8 rolls for 4000 labels.
  • Customers are allowed to order assorted labels to equal the 16 rolls for one case.
  • Please allow FedEx seven business days for shipping (it is customary for label company to ship an order form
    with every shipment).
  • For troubleshooting problems, please call the Customer Resource Center at 800-416-2269 ext. 2717



Tyson Fresh Meats Extranet System

The Tyson Fresh Meats Extranet System allows customers to access various tools to help customers throughout the order process. Order Confirmations, Bill of Ladings, Order Manifests and Customer Invoices, as well as many other options are available through this system.


Please contact your current Tyson Fresh Meats Sales Representative to let them know you are interested
in this service.



To sign-up for access please follow these steps:

  • Fill out an Extranet Setup Form provided by your sales representative and fax it to the
    Customer Resource Center at 605-235-3899
  • Log on to the TFM Extranet at as a first time user and fill out all personal information.


Once a customer is set up, an e-mail will be sent letting them know they have successfully registered and now have
access to the site.



POS/POP Materials

Tyson Fresh Meats offers POS/POP materials – please contact your Tyson Fresh Meats Sales Representative
for more information.



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