Supreme Tender Pork


Supreme Tender® fresh pork is the quality pork that you expect from Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. Supreme Tender fresh pork is enhanced with an all natural marinade of just water and salt. This marinade guarantees a tender and juicy pork product that lives up to its name.


Experience the benefits of Supreme Tender Pork

Supreme Tender fresh pork has the attributes today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for:
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial ingredients
  • No phosphates
  • Enhanced with only water and salt
  • All natural



Give your customers a great eating experience

Today’s cooks aren’t always confident when it comes to preparing pork. Supreme Tender fresh pork is a great way to ensure success for your customers. Even when overcooked, enhanced pork can give your customers a consistently positive eating experience.

Research shows consumers prefer enhanced pork for its tenderness and juiciness:

  • Consumer ratings for juiciness and tenderness of enhanced pork were approximately 12% higher than those for non-enhanced pork products.1
  • Consumers had improved perceptions of eating quality for enhanced pork products even when cooked at high temperatures.1


The choice is yours

Supreme Tender fresh pork meets the specifications required to market as “all natural” (minimally processed with no artificial ingredients). We offer point-of-sale materials with or without the “all natural” seal, giving you the choice to market Supreme Tender fresh pork the best way possible.


Complete product line. Lower labor costs. Longer shelf life

  • The Supreme Tender fresh pork line gives you the ability to merchandise a complete product line, giving your consumers more variety while providing you with more sales opportunities.
  • Each cut is ultra-trimmed, which means lower labor costs for you, higher sales yields for your department and more value for your customer.
  • Supreme Tender pork products offer a long backroom shelf life of 30 days for boneless products and 21 days for bone-in products.


Support for you from Tyson Fresh Meats

  • Point-of-sale materials for in-store merchandising
  • Promotional opportunities, including an ad circular template
  • Merchandising information
  • Consumer information and trends
  • A consumer web site,, with recipes, cooking tips and fun pork facts


1 Pork Board, Effects of Pork Quality and Cooked Temperature on Consumer and Trained Sensory Perception of Eating Quality
in Non-enhanced and Enhanced Loins, July 2008.


For more information, contact your Tyson Fresh Meats sales representative.


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