Chairman's Reserve Prime Pork

The Prime Difference:

In our continued mission to deliver only the best of the best, Chairman’s Reserve® Prime Pork elevates the already-strict criteria of our pork by tightening our standards to identify the very upper echelon of our reserve. Hand-selecting pork with the highest marks, we proudly deliver a product that offers:

  • Optimal marbling, coloring and pH which enables an even more tender, juicy and flavorful pork
  • Hand-selected and hand-trimmed
  • All-natural and minimally processed
  • Specifications that rival all competitors in the marketplace
Cuts are then verified by our Product Masters—specialists who understand the hallmarks of true quality. Only after these exacting standards are met does it earn the title: Chairman’s Reserve Prime Pork.


Our Specifications:



Our coloring standard: Scores ranging from 4-5:



Our marbling standard: Scores ranging from 3-5:


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