Stocking our products means more than just superior pork like Chairman’s Reserve® Premium Pork and Supreme Tender® pork. It means 360 support, provided by the Tyson Fresh Meats team from the moment an order is placed, to when it’s loaded into your meat case and beyond. With Tyson Fresh Meats, you know you’re getting the exact product you need, at a price that makes sense.


Chairman's Reserve® Prime Pork

A new level of standards and tighter specifications,
all developed to identify superior quality pork.

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Chairman's Reserve Premium Pork

Chairman's Reserve® Premium Pork

Chairman's Reserve Premium Pork represents products that are
hand-selected for outstanding color, muscle texture, marbling and pH.

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Open Prairie Natural* Pork

Open Prairie Natural Pork delivers shoppers a delicious eating experience
and higher standard of production with pork from pigs that are never
given antibiotics or added hormones**

* Minimally processed, no artificial ingredients / **Federal regulations prohibit the use of added hormones in pork.

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Supreme Tender Pork

Supreme Tender® Pork

Supreme Tender Pork is a line of specially selected pork cuts deeply
basted with a marinade made of water and sea salt.

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Wilson Foods

Wilson Foods® Pork Loin Riblets and Pork Rib Tips

The Wilson Foods riblets and rib tips offers a product with a similar eating experience
to spare ribs and pork back ribs at a lower cost for you and your customers.

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