Star Ranch Angus

Put Star Ranch Angus® beef to work for you...
and give your customers a great beef experience!


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Let Star Ranch Angus beef be the star of your meat case with increased sales and higher profits. Look to Star Ranch Angus steaks, roasts and ground beef to deliver the consistent quality and taste your customers demand. Star Ranch Angus beef brings a high-quality eating experience, every time:

  • Selected for tenderness and rich flavor
  • Available as USDA Choice and Select


Star Ranch Angus products meet the following requirements: 

  •   1/4" trim specification
  •   100% Angus -“A” maturity
  •   Moderately thick or better muscling
  •   No dairy influence allowed
  •   No neck humps exceeding 2"


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High-impact merchandising generates more volume for your bottom line

Tyson Fresh Meats offers complete beef brand support with consumer promotions, money-saving coupons and attention-getting point-of-sale materials. It all adds up to increase your bottom line.


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Star Ranch Angus ground beef Pre-Packaged Chubs


Star Ranch Angus® Chubs


  • 100% pure Angus beef, no added ingredients
  • Available in 1#, 3# and 5# pre-packaged chubs
  • Saves you time and labor
  • Helps eliminate out of stock product
  • Mess-free, easy to freeze, consumer-friendly packaging
  • 100% consumer satisfaction guaranteed


When you add new Star Ranch Angus ground beef, you add product versatility to your meat case.
Carry as a stand alone or to round out your branded beef line.


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The Star Ranch Angus brand is the solution for more robust
meat case sales and profits!

  • The Star Ranch Angus brand is marketed by a division of Tyson Foods, Inc. 
  • Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE: TSN), with headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas, is one of the world's largest processors and marketers of chicken, beef and pork, the second-largest food production company in the Fortune 500 and a member of the S&P 500
  • The #1 reason consumers prefer a specific brand of beef – quality they can count on*
  • 81% of consumers are willing to pay 5% more for their favorite brand of beef, 63% would pay up to 10% more*


* Power of Brands: Assessing the role of branding in meat selection and purchase.
Midan Marketing and Shugoll Research, 2013.

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