Making a mark in the meat industry means consistently delivering an exceptional experience to your customers. Tyson Fresh Meats knows this, which is why we’ve created brands that exceed your expectations—ensuring that your business experiences ongoing success. Whether you’re promoting top tier beef like Chairman’s Reserve® Certified Premium Beef, our natural beef brand, Open Prairie Natural Angus® beef, or the dependable consistency
of Star Ranch Angus® Beef, you’ll get the quality and service that make a difference. 



Certified Angus Beef

Certified Angus Beef ® Brand

Certified Angus Beef Brand is the world's first and most successful beef brand, with standards
that exceed those of USDA Prime, Choice and Select graded beef.

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Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef

Open Prairie Natural Angus® Beef

Open Prairie Natural Angus beef is a high-quality, natural product that will meet your consumers’expectations while satisfying their appetite for great-tasting Angus beef.

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Star Ranch Angus Beef

Star Ranch Angus® Beef

With the Star Ranch Angus beef product line, you can rest assured you're giving your customers the rich, beefy flavor and consistently great eating experience they've come to expect from the Angus breed.

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Chairman's Reserve Certified Premium Beef

Chairman's Reserve® Certified Premium Beef

When selecting Chairman's Reserve Certified Premium Beef, we start by identifying three primary characteristics – marbling, maturity and muscle texture – to ensure the highest level
of tenderness, juiciness and flavor possible.

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Reuben Corned Beef

Reuben® Corned Beef

Our Reuben product program provides you with options to fit your corned beef needs.          

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Tender Promise Beef

Tender Promise® Beef

Tender Promise beef helps you provide optimal tenderness while hitting a price point that will allow you to sell strips, rib eyes and top sirloin steaks at levels lower than the competition.           

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