ibp Trusted Excellence® Specialty Cut Meats is an initiative inspired by the diverse needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide you with targeted business solutions that exceed your expectations. The Trusted Excellence brand approach to meeting your needs is supported by a continuing commitment to quality, food safety and leadership in the industry.

Our multi-species further-processing facility in Emporia, KS, can produce products to fill orders of all sizes. We can also further divide sub-primals to add value to your bottom line with innovative new items, cut to your precise specifications.


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® Seasoned and Marinated Meats

A variety of pork and beef products offering value, convenience and flavor
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Backyard Flavors

Backyard Flavors™ Products

Our Backyard Flavors product line includes ready-to-grill beef and pork pre-seasoned products in a variety of bold flavors. Products are vacuum-packaged and designed to deliver convenience and mouth-watering flavor for your customers.

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Reuben Corned Beef

Reuben® Corned Beef

Our Reuben product program provides you with options to fit your corned beef needs.


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Wilson Foods

Wilson Foods® Pork Loin Riblets and Pork Rib Tips

The Wilson Foods riblets and rib tips offers a product with a similar eating experience to spare ribs and pork back ribs at a lower cost for you and your customers.


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Everyday Steaks

Everyday Steaks™ Meats

The ibp Trusted Excellence® Everyday Steaks meat program gives you flavorful steaks such as the Flat Iron steak, the Denver steak and the Delmonico steak, while providing an excellent opportunity to build added sales and profits.


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ibp Trusted Excellence

ibp Trusted Excellence® Beef Singles

Manage your shrink and control inventory levels with high quality subprimals boxed individually, giving you multiple advantages related to shrink management and worker safety.


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Tender Promise Beef

Tender Promise® Beef

Tender Promise beef helps you provide optimal tenderness while hitting a price point that will allow you to sell strips, rib eyes and top sirloin steaks at levels lower than the competition.


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4-Piece Chuck Roll

This combo pack gives you great flexibility with steak and roast items while increasing your margin opportunities. Because these butcher-ready cuts are separated and closely trimmed, they can also reduce labor costs.


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CRVM White Tongue

Case Ready Variety Meats

This product line allows you to decrease shrink and increase shelf life of variety meats so you can meet the needs of your diverse customers. 


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