Chairman's Reserve Certified Premium Beef


When selecting Chairman's Reserve® Certified Premium Beef, we start by identifying three primary characteristics – marbling, maturity and muscle texture – to ensure the highest level of tenderness, juiciness and flavor possible. Our strict certification process guarantees that only beef carcasses meeting our high standards are "reserved." Simply put, the quality of the Chairman's Reserve brand combined with our track record is an opportunity for you to increase customer satisfaction to its highest level. Fewer than 25% of all USDA Choice beef carcasses meet the following criteria of Chairman's Reserve Certified Premium Beef:

  • Modest 00 (or higher) marbling
  • Medium or fine marbling texture
  • Grade A maturity
  • Moderately thick (or better) muscling
  • Neck hump not to exceed 2"



The program features and benefits you desire

All Chairman's Reserve products are closely trimmed to the industry-leading, user-friendly specifications. All beef is certified by the USDA to meet our stringent specifications for quality and consistency, and is offered in regular or small-size package options to better meet your needs. When you choose Chairman's Reserve Certified Premium Beef, you can be confident that quantity will always be available to meet your demand.

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